Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kiss & Curse

An artist sees art in their every day life - in the color of the trees as autumn arrives, in the smile of a playing child or in the puddles of the street. More than anything an artist studies life at all times. An artist is "open" for 24 hours a day.

Being an artist can be a lonely endeavor since you are usually your only collaborator, critic and cheerleader. Henry Miller said the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature. I think the best way to get over a man is to turn them into a painting. (Chocolate and alcohol too.) For an artist it's so easy that art starts to take over all aspects of your life. Being an artist isn't a hobby you attend twice a week, it's a way of life and thinking. While anyone can - to various extent - learn how to create a portfolio or develop a personal style, being an artist is not a choice an artist can make in passing. Being, or accepting to be an artist is a decision that requires a high level of commitment.

And I do mean art in all of its deposits; photography, music, visual arts or even theater.

Being an artist is also contradictory. Art is the only outlet for an artist yet "great art is born from great pain" has a point. That's why it can feel painful to be open 24/7. Great art can also be born from other great emotions such as happiness or love, but sadness and pain are very powerful tools and often do indeed lead to great artwork.

One of the greatest torments of an artist is developing with it all or more precisely balancing with it. I've always said I never want to be complete. If I as an artist feel like I've created an ultimate masterpiece; the "perfect" one that could never be improved upon then what would motivate me to start the next project? Yet the irony in all of this is that every artist should also feel that their last piece is their best piece until they start the next one. So, although this "always wanting more" -attitude is essential for creating art it has a dark side when it comes to your development process.

Ask any artist, at any point in their career; what are their ultimate goals? When any of those goals are met, I assure you they will set a higher goal.

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