Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ocean please, help me drown these memories

Sad thoughts come in many forms. They sneak up on you in the wee hours of the night and tangle you into thinking of the times you were that very stupid, very naive little child that only thought about how to survive love instead of focusing on how to handle it right and you sure as hell won't get a closure like that. A child doesn't realize there is no way of surviving love, you fall in or you fall out but once you truly love someone you always will in spite of the fact if it worked out the way you hoped it would.

And just like that, you find yourself four years later still hoping to wake up next to that person and still believing that you would be perfect together because no matter how stupid and naive you were four years ago, you were still in love.

Perfect matches often meet at the wrong time. They could be happy. They really truly could be the best two things that have ever collided into each other in this overbearing world but they will never know that because they're simply at the wrong place in a wrong time. They've met too early and they are very stupid, very naive little children who are too impatiently looking for something better, something prettier.

You can't survive love. That's the pun of it all. You tag along with it and find yourself reminiscing from time to time. There's no way to fall out, there's no way to overcome that feeling but you'll learn to live with it. Heart is a ticking time bomb and some day you will find someone who you love more than you have ever loved anyone else and it won't be a re-bound, it won't be something you just settled for, it won't be something you can fall out of. It's something you can't survive and you will never want to.

But for now... you can't help but to feel a little sadden by the thought that knocked you off your feet by surprise at 4am. You've said enough, so many words maybe even too many, but sometimes you still feel just like saying those things again.

Words are only words... Still..