Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In the fall.

The rain tapping against the windowsill makes me feel like I'm home. It sounds so sad yet I find it very comforting and beautiful. Sadness often is beautiful. The fall is here and I'm so ready for it, it's my favorite season of the year. Everything, absolutely everything dies or goes to sleep and I do that too. I find it comforting that I'm not the only one. Moreover I know that everything will be reborn in the spring. It's almost as if the world pauses for a split second, life stops moving as fast as it usually does. Fast is not for me. The fall is.

I can't get over the fact how much has happened in a year or so. I've traveled, I've achieved, I've loved, I've been loved, I've missed, I've laughed, I've been honest, I've written, I've been broken, I've lost and I've been lost, I've found and I've been found. I've truly lived, and now I'm ready for the rest of my life to begin.

Today I lied in my bed suddenly realizing how chilly I felt. I smiled a bit because I realized the fall is finally here. My season. I put on my woolen stockings and started waiting for those days to come; when it's unbearably cold outside and I get to stay inside. Warm, under my blanket, with a cup of hot chocolate, watching a good movie. My season.